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Does a Leader Have to Like His or Her Followers?

No, a leader does not have to like his or her followers, although it helps. BUT A LEADER MUST LOVE HIS OR HER FOLLOWERS! Love is a higher calling than like. The second greatest commandment of the Christian faith is not ‘like thy neighbor as thyself,’ but “love thy neighbor as thyself.” As a leader, […]

Are You Status Quo?

I know fast food is bad for me and I rarely touch the stuff. I’ll will admit to enjoying a Big Mac a couple times a year, which is what got my attention on a recent indulgence. The golden arches is no longer the golden arches of which I am familiar! McD’s has been trying […]

How Are You At Networking?

Networking is not what you know, its who you know. Who you know is key to creating a brighter future. “The key to networking is to stop networking.” Nobody wants to have a ‘networking conversation.’ They are hungry for real conversations and real relationships. It just has to be authentic, genuine and sincere.” Greg McKeown, […]

Do You Have A Leadership Philosophy?

I came across The Leader’s Compass by Ed Rugggero in 2005. As a consummate student of leadership, this book was a call to action! I spent time thinking and exploring what I believed was important in leading myself as well as others. As a facilitator of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s The Leadership Challenge, my […]

Lead Tweets

Leadership is like love. You love or you don’t love. You lead or you don’t lead. Think of it in terms of a woman is either pregnant or not pregnant. There is no “kind of pregnant.” And as a woman can become pregnant, a person can become a leader. @carrpediem: The #1 requirement of leadership […]