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Is It Hard To Be A Liberal in Today’s World?

Recently, I co-facilitated a discussion with six conservatives and six liberals on book banning. My co-facilitator, a conservative, commented, “It’s tough being a conservative in today’s world.”   I got to noodling on her comment and realized it is tough to be a liberal. Here are my thoughts: It is tough to be liberal in today’s world. I’ve […]

Do You Have a Word for 2024?

As 2023 ends, some call this the “year of the brink.” Some think 2024 will be worse. We have wars going on in Ukraine, Israel, and Sudan. AI poses a profound risk to society and humanity. 2023 was the hottest year on record, contributing to various climate crises. Trust in SCOTUS, banks, crypto, and media […]

What Sailing Taught Me!

A coaching client read my blog, Hell NO, I Don’t Want To Live Another 70 Years! They asked me about valuable lesson number nine: Learn to sail. Sailing has taught me more about life than any job, hobby, or sport. They asked me to explain what I had learned from sailing. Sailing is a blend of ballet, sport, […]

Hell No, I Don’t Want To Live Another 70 Years!

When our financial counselor told me he expected me to live to be 90, I told him I expected to live to 78! My father died at 61, and my mother died at 88. I believe I can beat the law of averages by three years! Our son, Brett, asked me to officiate his and […]

Soulfully Strong People: 7 Things They Do Well*

Having coached leaders and worked with many teams, the most obvious work needed to overcome is dysfunctionality! This is the work of the soul. It’s that fourth edge of the saw we need to keep sharp. It’s part of the 7th habit of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which Covey refers to as […]

Is Christianity Going to the Dogs?

On a recent men’s retreat, one of the conversations was about our relationship with God and our Christian faith. Every man shared concerns and uneasiness in their faith journey. All I could say was, “Me too.” Brian McLaren is experiencing this Christian uneasiness and has written about it in Do I Stay Christian? I found this book […]

How Are You Dealing With the VUCAs?

In the 7th edition of The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner address the VUCAs (page 213) under the practice of Enabling Others to Act. I first encountered the term VUCA while attending an educator’s boot camp at Paris Island MCRD in 2013. Back in the 1990’s, the military added the acronym, VUCA to its vocabulary. […]

What Are You Addicted To?

I am a fan and regular listener of the podcast Hidden Brain. In the recent two-part podcast, The Paradox of Pleasure and The Path To Enough, host Shankar Vedantam interviews Dr. Anna Lembke, medical director of Stanford Addiction Medicine and author of Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence. This book should be […]

We Are Coming To Asheville. What Do You Recommend?

We get phone calls and emails from friends, friends of friends, clients, and blog readers who say, “We are coming to Asheville. What do you recommend?” We have so many choices and so little time! Click on Asheville for a link to a map of downtown Asheville. I began this blog back in September 2015 […]

Wait! What? Blaine Greenfield Interviews Me!

Blaine Greenfield interviewed me on his podcast, “Blainesworld.” Blaine and I first met in 2010 through  Leadership Asheville. We discuss my blog, the Art of asking questions, Blue Ridge Public Radio, Camp Joy, my book, “What’s On Your Rear End?,” PetchaKutcha, Braver Angels, leaving a legacy, and tattoos!