Is the Question More Important than the Answer?

As we come to the end of 2022, how you would answer the following questions?
How would you sum up 2022 in 10 words?
What is the most important lesson you learned this year?
What was the failure that taught you a lesson?
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
What was your favorite memory of 2022?
What were you grateful for in 2022?
Who or what had the most impact on you in 2022?
What challenge(s) did you overcome this past year?
What did you learn about yourself?
How did relationships with family, friends, and cohorts transition this past year?
How were you significant this year? In other words, how did you make a difference in other people’s lives?
What energized you? What zapped the energy from you?
What habit did you stop? What habit did you start?
Going into 2023, how would you answer these questions?
What is your purpose in 2023?
What are your values for 2023?
How will you live those values and hold yourself accountable?
Our habits define us. How will you be defined in 2023?
How do you want others to experience you in 2023?
What is your one big audacious goal for 2023?
Where can you make a difference and put a ding in the universe?
Where do plan to travel in 2023?
Who will you visit in 2023?
What book is on your ‘must read’ list?
What challenge will cause you to get out of your comfort zone?
What is your word for 2023?
What is your question for 2023?